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Tanky Panky (2021)

Like many coders, I got bored over lock-down and made a game... It's on steam but not released Tanky Panky on Steam (

There seems to be a single chance with game releases and if marketing is not done well with a big community then the game will fail 99% of the time so I'll be waiting on the right opportunity to release to maximise the players I reach. It's especially critical for this kind of MOBA game as it's not that fun without a vibrant community of players.

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Python decorators and testing interplay

A trick for new players, when using decorators to register functions - E.g. a plug-in system.

Since unit testing automatically imports modules when looking for tests, you must remember to import modules using the decorator. If you don't your tests can pass but execution fails.

Also linters don't like importing without directly using as the act of importing the module registers the function but they are still technically 'unused'